Sarai Kirshner



Works on Paper, Ongoing

In 2013 I found myself in the Jezreel Valley, an area in the north of present-day Israel, where in the late 19th century the first Zionist settlements grew. This area, which is considered to be the most fertile in the state, is commonly known as a realisation of the myth 'A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey'; A peaceful place of natural plenty. Milk, in this metaphor, is not just pure, sweet and white liquid, it is a symbol of reproduction and is related to femininity. Me, however, I was surrounded by working men and machines, watching constant pace movements and cows which can barely carry their own udders. Couple of years later I returned to make a film about the realisation of the biblical myth, determined to portray through it the character of the local woman. Within a three month period of filming I failed in finding woman, working in the massive industry of milk production, who was willing to be filmed. This failure brought to life this series of works on paper (an ongoing project) in which I reflect upon the myth, it's historical realisation, and the social identities and relations it constructs.